Craig Williams

Craig Williams is the President and an archaeologist for CAIRN. His interest in caves and archaeology began in the early 1990s while interviewing people regarding stories of local folklore.  Markings on cave walls or concentric rock circles on ridges above caves, and stories of them left by outlaws and Native Americans intrigued Craig.  He returned to college for his Bachelors and Masters in Anthropology/Archaeology.  He eventually joined cave organizations in Texas, New Mexico, and Missouri becoming an active caver.  His research interest led to a circle of professional cave archaeologists whom he consulted with while documenting archaeological sites in the caves.
Craig and his wife Susie Jansen founded Cave Archaeology Investigation Research Network (or C.A.I.R.N.) in 2008 as a way to identify, document, and protect archaeological sites in and around caves while educating cavers, landowners, archaeologists, and the general public on the importance of these amazing places. Craig is also an active member in the Society for American Archaeology and National Speleological Society.


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