CAIRN receives research grant from the Missouri Humanities Council!

CAIRN is proud to announce a recent grant through Missouri Humanities Council! This grant will be used to help fund the Portable XRF scanner by Olympus, which CAIRN will use to perform on the spot analysis of parent materials from rock art to artifacts. The pXRF (portable/handheld X-Ray Florescence) was acquired through a grant from Olympus, awarding us temporary 4 month use of the equipment. The pXRF is a valuable tool for many samples of archaeological importance – metallic artifacts like coins, construction materials such as tiles, and mortars; and decorative pigments used on pottery and in rock art. The quick analysis times of this non-destructive, portable instrument make it ideal for archaeology. The number of samples that must be removed for later analysis at a laboratory is minimized because many more analyses can be done in situ. Should be exciting work!

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