CAIRN Documents a St.Louis Brewery Cave

In 2011, CAIRN conducted an archaeological survey of an undisclosed historic brewery cave beneath St. Louis, Missouri.  Artifacts (such as the bottle neck fragments seen in the photo) were documented along with several archaeological features, and brewery architecture.  Historically, St. Louis was a major site for the development of  American…

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CAIRN Utilizes portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (pXRF) in Spain

Begley using pxrf in Menorca Mortuary Cave

Field Update: Dr. Chris Begley (Transylvania University), Peter Campbell (CAIRN), Larry Hassebrook (University of Kentucky),  and Eli Crane (University of Kentucky) are currently investigating archaeological sites in Spain using the portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (pXRF) that was provided by Olympus Innov-X to test the elemental composition of some material in…

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